Aluminum Window Systems
Our strategy is based on continuously searching for innovative systems tailored to our clients needs. At the same time our focus is on keeping ahead of the competition in both technical and functional parameters. We continuously strive on providing the highest performance rating against air, water, and wind resistance for all our aluminum profiles. We do so by combining our heritage and experience with the highest grades in systems and accessories.
Opening systems

Opening systems are one of the most highly demanded aluminum systems, providing high levels of weather and sound insulation. These systems also allow for the highest levels of security comfort without any compromise on design aesthetics. These systems can be easily installed to all types of openings and offers a wide panorama of solutions.

Main Characteristics

- Optimum for insulation against all elements.

- Strong design features provide maximum strength and security allowing for greater peace of mind.

- Allows for greater flexibility in operating mechanisms.

- Allows for full range of glass requirements: single, double and triple.

Sliding systems

Sliding systems are mainly developed for openings with space restrictions as they can be easily installed in limited spaces. They offer a wide range of modern designs and cost efficient solution.

Main characteristics
- Allows for maximum functionality in limited space.
- Allows for multiple complimentary solutions such as different glazing techniques, fly screen, blinds and external rolling shutter.
Composite Profiles:
These systems combine inner wood and outer aluminum profiles, as well as resin and PVC. Strato’s mixed profile has revolutionized frame technology by increasing the window performance. Wood grants beauty and charm to the window, while the resin, (Strato’s patent) combines the two materials reducing the formation of condensation and acts as the first thermal barrier. The foundation of the patented technology, which combines maximum resistance to water, impenetrability to wind, elegance and clean design, can be applied in multiple architectural solutions to both residential and industrial projects. Equipped with a sliding resin joint and an anti-burglary aluminum profile, Strato provides a refined and customized solutions expressing both elegance of wood inside and the strength of the aluminum on the outside.

Main characteristics
- No maintenance for wood finishes
- Creates a warm feeling to every room.
- A perfect combination of esthetically pleasing wood inside and aluminum outside to fight the elements.
- Anti-shock PVC integrated in profile for added sturdiness.
- Indeformable profile that is sturdy, long lasting and waterproof.
- Integrated resin thermal barrier, eliminating condensation issues.