Aluminum Shutters
CROCI rolling shutters have been successfully tested to resist hurricane wind loads of up-to 150 mph. Push button control with a Somfy RTS hand-held transmitter will deploy your shutters in seconds. When down -  shutters create a physical barrier against high winds as well as intruders. Using another automation system with a timer you can automatically open and close your rolling shutters based on a pre-set schedule to give the impression of an occupied home. Tests performed on Croci’s polyurethane rolling shutters indicate a reduction in noise and thermal insulation resulting in reduced heating and cooling costs as well as noise pollution. Croci’s rolling shutters systems also protect furnishings from damage due to fading caused by harmful UV rays.
Having such a system allows for greater peace of mind as well as provides an added security comfort. Croci shutters systems are offered in a wide selection of colors that have both scratch and corrosive resistant powder coating characteristics.
Main characteristics include:
- Heat/Cold Insulation by limiting heat transfer.
- Total Blackout by preventing 99.9% light from entering the room.
- Noise Reduction; very little noise comes into the room.