Suspended Ceilings
Hassan Helmy & Co. and HD offer a wide range of ceiling solutions allowing
architects to explore innovative designs with a wide variety of materials. HD ceiling systems have been used in some of the most sophisticated projects in the world. With over 40 years of experience HD are still industry leaders due to their philosophy to high quality, reliable products and continuous efforts in innovation and service excellence.
Our range of ceiling allows clients to explore with materials including metal, textiles and wood in a wide range of systems, colors and finishes.  This allows true freedom of design and functionality. There are also options for concave and convex systems with either curved panels or curved carriers, again in a full range of colors and finishes.
The exterior ceiling systems are specially developed with the same aesthetic appearance as the interior one allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. With a special aluminum alloy, high-quality surface, an unprecedented exterior protection treatment from Luxacote® and windproof design elements, this system ensures durability in applications like canopies, shopping centers, railway and underground stations.


Our ceilings are an integrated system that is a combination of panels and substructures. Architects can evaluate all aspects of the ceiling, from the visible surfaces to the construction and decide what will work best for them. These systems can then be customized and in most cases done so on-site.

Our team, working with a large committed to quality, has the expertise and a long standing history to deliver superior quality at every stage from manufacturing and finishing of the panels, to installation and maintenance of ceilings. This ensures delivery of durable high quality ceilings, that would add to the lifespan of any building or structure.


Every part of a building works together to creating a comfortable, healthy and productive environment for those inside. Hassan Helmy & Co. and HD ceiling products help architects control noise, improve interior air quality and even manage light and heat.