Window Covering
From the classic to the modern, blinds offer privacy, a reduction in light and a fashionable design element to every space. Our Window Covering products come under the general term solar shading, which basically means that they allow for control of the amount of heat and light entering the desired room.
Our Window Covering Systems are engineered for all types of windows. They are  ffered either in manual or motorized operation modes, which could be selectively controlled by light, temperature and wind sensors depending on the clients requirements. Window coverings and commercial window coverings include; venetian blinds, roller shades, aluminum blinds, Plissé Shades, Duette honeycomb shades, Silhouette shadings, and more. They are offered in a large variety of fabrics as well as complementary materials. Our products are known for world-class engineering, versatility, and style.


Our window covering products are efficient sun control systems that will reduce the indoor temperature considerably and therefore eliminate or reduce the need for artificial cooling. Also they are especially effective for insuring good visual comfort conditions and controlling the amount of light/contrast conditions while ensuring optimum use of free, natural daylight. Hassan Helmy & Co., in collaboration with selective partners, could also provide software packages allowing the calculation of many functional elements such as indoor temperatures, energy demand, light and contrast conditions for added value to each client.


Although modern buildings are well insulated and have lesser needs for cooling, the internal heat gains however have increased due to computers, printers and copiers. Comfort, in our philosophy, includes four elements: the right temperature, ideal light/contrast/viewing conditions, noise nuisance and indoor air quality. With all these interior design elements in perspective, our selective partners help architects control thermal and visual comfort, while our ceiling systems could also enhance acoustical comfort in the same space. Such elements naturally add to the overall comfort, but also add to a healthier and productive living environment.